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Maternity cushion

Maternity cushion

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Our U-shaped pregnancy pillow is specially designed to provide pregnant women with the comfort and support they need during a crucial period of their lives.

Targeted support for future mothers

  • Stress Relief for the Spine : With its thoughtful design, our pillow helps reduce pressure on the spine, providing comfortable support for deep relaxation.

  • Dimensions designed for well-being : With a generous size of 130x70 cm, this bedding accessory provides ample coverage for side sleeping, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep.

  • Simplified Care Tips : Although the pillow core is not suitable for machine washing, bleaching or direct exposure to sunlight, maintenance is still easy to maintain its longevity.

Details for a seamless user experience

  • Quality materials for lasting comfort : Made of soft polyester fiber, this pillow is designed to provide lasting comfort throughout your pregnancy.

  • Accuracy of measurements for a perfect fit : Please note that a manual error of 2 cm is possible, but we are committed to providing a product that meets your expectations.

Your companion for a peaceful pregnancy

Choose our U-shaped pregnancy pillow for a superior sleeping experience. To complete your haven of peace, also discover our headboard cushion , a stylish and practical addition for optimal back comfort when relaxing or reading in bed.

Opt for our ergonomic maternity pillow and transform your rest into a soft and soothing experience, essential for the health of the future mother and baby.

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