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Thick Sole Slide

Thick Sole Slide

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Adaptive chunky sole slides

Discover Thick Sole Slides - Shape Adaptation Technology , an innovative solution for unparalleled comfort and optimal safety. These slides are designed to relieve your feet, joints and hips. They are like walking on clouds and prevent muscle pain, Achilles tendon pain or plantar fasciitis. They adapt to the shape of your foot and compress with each step, thus relieving your feet and joints.

These slides are available in multiple colors , providing a variety of choices to match your personal style. The clean and minimalist design, captured in the image, highlights the superior quality and durability of these slides. Made from premium EVA, these slides are waterproof and antibacterial for long lasting and safe use.

Safety and flexibility for everyday use

The non-slip compression textured material of the Thick Sole Slides - Shape Adaptive Technology prevents you from slipping and falling. This reduces the pressure of walking and prevents you from chafing or blistering. They feature a thick, slightly upturned boat-shaped sole with a 15° adjustment angle for better distribution of pressure points.

These slides are perfect for people who need cushioning due to foot pain , diabetes , or other medical symptoms. They are also very comfortable to wear and can be used for all occasions, whether it is for a long walk, a day at the beach or everyday use . So don't wait any longer and treat yourself to the best to walk safely and painlessly!

What size should I choose for a thick-soled tap?

Take your usual size . _ _ _ _ _ _ But if you hesitate between two sizes , we obviously advise you to take the larger size ! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ It can't hurt you, as a precaution, here is the size guide:

Size FR Foot length (mm) US shoe size UK size
36-37 240 5-6 4-4.5
38-39 250 7-8 5.5-6.5
40-41 260 9-10 7.5-8
42-43 270 11-12 9.5-10
44-45 280 13-14 11.5-12

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Claquette avec semelle épaisse pour la plage

An Essential Comfort Ally

Our Thick Sole Slides are like snuggling up in a duvet, but for your feet! Stylish and comfortable , they make you want to dance.

No more shoes that look like tin cans, make way for style and lightness. Ready to put on a show in your living room or on the beach? Come on, put on your tap shoes and feel the good mood go up to your toes!

  • Slide with style

    Forget monochromatic fashion, our slides come in a palette of sparkling colors. Perfect for showing off your feet on any occasion.

  • As soft as a cloud

    Softer than a cloud, our slides are a real caress for your feet. Imagine each step wrapped in a cocoon of softness.

  • Walk with the class

    Put energy in your steps! Our chunky-soled sliders add a touch of pep to your step. A real mood booster!

Your questions have answers!

Frequently asked questions about our slides

Can the Thick Sole Slides be used indoors and outdoors?

Absolutely ! Our Thick Sole Slides are designed for comfort both indoors and outdoors. Whether you are at home or at the beach, they will offer you a walk like on clouds.

What sizes are available for Slides?

Yes, our Clina Pop Chunky Sole Slides are available in a variety of sizes. Consult our size guide to find the one that suits you best.

Are the Slides durable?

Absolutely ! Made with quality materials, Thick Sole Slides are built to last. Their resistance makes them ideal for daily use.

How comfortable are these wide-soled sandals?

Comfort is unmatched with these sandals. Thanks to their wide sole and adaptive technology, they offer immediate relief from foot pain and tension.

Whether you're on your feet all day or enjoying a casual walk, these sandals will keep you comfortably on your feet.