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LED candle

LED candle

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Enhance the ambiance of your evenings with our electronic LED candles . Featuring a modern design and warm light, they offer the beauty of a flame without the drawbacks of a traditional candle.

The specificities of LED candles

Innovation at the service of the atmosphere:

  • Perfect Replica : The light emitted by our LED candles is so realistic that it is almost indistinguishable from a real flame. The shimmering glow creates a soft, welcoming atmosphere.
  • Economical and Durable : Equipped with a button battery, these candles are designed to last. And when the battery is empty, simply replace it to prolong the magic.
  • Goodbye Smoke : Say goodbye to smoke and the risks associated with the open flame of traditional candles. Our LED candles are a safe and environmentally friendly alternative.
  • Versatile Decoration : Whether for a party, a wedding, a church, a cafe or any other event, they adapt perfectly to all occasions.

A decorative and practical solution

Our pack contains 24 electronic candles , allowing a multitude of decorative configurations. They are also ideal as small night lights or for other decorative uses.

Additional information about our LED candles

  • Material : PP plastic + quality LED electronic components.
  • Dimensions : A compact design of 4.5x3.8 cm.
  • Color : White shell with warm yellow light.
  • Battery : Each candle is equipped with 3 AG10 batteries, recyclable.

Remarks :

  1. The actual color of the item may vary depending on the display and lighting.
  2. Please allow 1-3mm measuring deviation.

And after ?

If you're looking for a relaxing experience after a busy day, why not try our massage candles ? They not only provide a soothing ambiance, but also a feeling of well-being on the skin.

Make every evening a special occasion with our LED Candles. They will bring warmth and elegance to your interior. Discover them today at Clina Pop!

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