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Dried flower candle

Dried flower candle

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Imagine a soft glow emanating from a candle, delicately revealing dried flowers immersed in it. A fusion of nature and light that creates a unique atmosphere. Discover the scented candle with dried flowers.

Why is this candle so special?

  • Naturally beautiful : Each candle is enriched with crystal stones and dried flowers, providing a soothing visual spectacle with each flickering flame.
  • Delicate scent : Made from soy wax, it diffuses a gentle, smokeless scent, creating a relaxing atmosphere in any room.
  • Superior quality : Each candle weighs 70g and promises a long-lasting burn. It’s the promise of hours of relaxation.
  • Carefully presented : Delivered in an elegant box, this candle is not only perfect for your home, but also as a refined gift.

Important Note

While each candle is crafted with care, please keep in mind that due to variations in lighting and monitor settings, the actual color of the candle may vary slightly from the images. Additionally, small variations in size are due to handcrafting.

For a Bright Alternative

If you're looking for a flameless option, while still maintaining ambiance, we suggest exploring our faux candles . They offer the charm of a traditional candle without the hassle of a flame.

Delight your senses and decorate your space with this dried flower scented candle, a centerpiece that speaks of natural elegance.

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