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Decorative candle

Decorative candle


Add a bold note to your decor with the Middle Finger Decorative Candle . Inspired by modern art, this candle elegantly combines bold design and warm ambiance to create an undeniable centerpiece in your space.

The strong points of the decorative candle:

  • Singular Design : A playful and daring interpretation of the middle finger, this candle is much more than a simple source of light, it is a true object of art.
  • Choice of Colors : Available in White, Black and Blue, you can choose the shade that best suits your space or mood.
  • Ecological Materials : Made from soy wax, an ecological alternative to traditional waxes, this candle is environmentally friendly.
  • Practical Dimensions : With a size of 6x5x9cm, it is ideal for decorating a table, a shelf or any other space of your choice.
  • Versatile use : Perfect for decorating party rooms, it can also serve as a humorous ornament or small original gift.

How to use your Modern Art Candle?

Position your candle on a stable surface away from drafts. Turning it on is not just its primary function, it is also an invitation to conversation and smiles.

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Immerse yourself in a universe where art and light meet with the Scented Candle in the shape of a middle finger. Let yourself be surprised by its originality and add a touch of humor to your daily life. Order yours today!

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