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White candle

White candle

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Enhance your space with a touch of originality and refinement thanks to the White Candle . Inspired by the iconic shape of the Rubik's Cube, this candle not only offers a soft glow, but also a unique geometric design that will captivate all eyes.

The benefits of the white candle

  • A Unique Design : Its geometric shape is inspired by the famous Rubik's Cube, bringing a playful and elegant touch to any decor.
  • For All Occasions : Whether it's Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, New Year's Eve, Halloween or Easter, this candle is the perfect gift to mark each special event.
  • Size & Weight : The size is accurately represented in the image. Depending on the size chosen, it weighs between 40g and 400g, thus offering different combustion times.

How to make the most of your candle?

Place your candle on a flat surface away from drafts. Light it and let yourself be enchanted by its sweet scent while admiring its unique geometric shape. It will transform each room into a warm and welcoming space.

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