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Mosquito candle

Mosquito candle

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Discover the most pleasant way to keep mosquitoes at bay with our soy wax mosquito repellent candles. These candles are designed to diffuse a refreshing scent while creating a protective barrier against flying insects.

Why choose our citronella candles?

  • Naturally Effective : Made with pure soy wax, these mosquito repellent candles are a healthy choice for your home and family, free from toxic fumes.

  • Long Burn Time : Each candle provides up to 10 hours of protection, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor or indoor spaces without interruption.

  • Refreshing scent : Lemongrass essential oil blends with green citrus notes, providing a fresh scent that awakens the senses while repelling mosquitoes.

  • The ideal gift : Presented in an elegant format, our citronella candle set is the perfect present for any occasion, offering well-being and ambiance.

Technical characteristics

  • Healthy material : Non-toxic soy wax.

  • Compact size : 6 x 3.8 x 4.8 cm, ideal for placing anywhere.

  • Perfect weight : 55g per piece, easy to carry and arrange.

  • Natural scent : Scented with the authentic essence of lemongrass.

Fight mosquitoes naturally

We invite you to check the details of our products and consider the natural and calming ambiance they provide. For those seeking a more luxurious scent experience, explore our selection of luxurious candles , designed to enrich your living space with exquisite aromas and sophisticated designs.

Get ready for a worry-free evening with our citronella mosquito repellent candles - your ally for long-lasting protection and an enchanting atmosphere.

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